Pot of tea for one   


Earl Grey, decaffeinated & various specialist teas


Filter coffee with hot milk (free top up)


Instant and instant decaffeinated coffee 


Hot chocolate


Bottled milk shakes


Milk shakes (hand made) various flavours


Milk shakes (hand made) with Rossi ice cream


Mineral water still or sparkling


Fruit juice (bottles)


Fruit juice (cartons) 


Various canned drinks from





Fresh Sandwiches, Wraps, Baguettes, Paninis or Rolls

All served with a salad garnish



Fresh Sandwiches from


Wraps from


Toasted Sandwiches from


Baguettes from


Toasted Paninis from


See separate menu for combinations and prices







Fresh fruit salad


Selection of cakes

£1.00 each

Buttered bun


Walkers crisps


2 Scones with butter and jam


2 scones with butter, jam and whipped cream






Comprising: lettuce, cucumber, tomato, celery, peppers, carrot, coleslaw,
mayo, one egg and one filling of either: 


Chicken, Cheese, Ham, Tuna, Corned Beef, Fish stick.                          £3.50



Salad (as above) with either Smoked Salmon or Prawns                         £4.00

Extra fillings                                                                                             £0.50 each

Extra eggs                                                                                               £0.25 each



Hot Food


Scrambled egg, 2 bacon, sausage, beans or tomatoes, 2 toast, tea or coffee       £4.75

Jacket potato plain with butter                                                                      £3.00

with either beans, cheese or tuna                                                                   £3.70

with either curry, chilli or prawns                                                                    £4.50

Any additional fillings                                 per portion                                     £0.50

(All served with salad garnish)


Assorted curries and rice                                                                                         £4.75

Chilli and rice                                                                                                            £4.75

Beef lasagne and salad                                                                                             £4.95

Soup with hot roll and butter (various selections)                                                   £2.50


2 Toast with scrambled egg                     £2.50

2 Toast with baked beans                        £2.20

2 Toast with cheese                                 £2.20

2 Toast with butter                                  £0.80

2 Crumpets with butter                           £1.20

Toasted tea cake with butter                   £1.20

(Jam or Marmalade portions 20p each)



Rossi Ice cream / Desserts


Stars and Stripe  



Tall glass of Rossi vanilla and strawberry ice cream

Marshmallows, smarties, strawberry sauce,

topped with whipped cream and wafer




Banana Beano



Rossi vanilla and banana ice cream with sliced banana,

chocolate sauce, chocolate flake, whipped cream & wafer





Children’s Special:


Rossi Ice cream, smarties and marshmallow




Rossi ice cream (3 scoops) Various flavours






Cones (take away only) various flavours


Single scoop

Double scoop

Chocolate flake







Pancakes / Crepes




2 Pancakes with sauce or lemon and sugar



2 Pancakes with ice cream

2 Pancakes with banana and sauce




2 Pancakes with banana, sauce and Rossi ice cream






2 Savoury pancakes: cheese, ham or tuna                                          






2 Waffles with maple syrup and cream


As above plus Rossi ice cream


2 Waffles with maple syrup, banana and Rossi ice cream







Two fresh, warm scone, Devon clotted cream, butter and jam,

served with tea or coffee








Eat in